Christmas Acts


The Christmas Pudding

This delightfully interactive pudding glides along to a background of suitably seasonal music* bringing a magical and slightly surreal comedy to any Yuletide event.

 Based on a specially adapted electric vehicle, this walkabout performance can cover quite a large area if required.

 Whether glimpsed from a distance or experienced close up, this pudding is guaranteed to entertain.

click HERE to see a video clip


* usually Bavarian but can be customised/commissioned.

The Xmas Flatulator

Seemingly powered by sprouts this Heath Robinson-esque device was designed as a mechanical replacement for Santa’s sleigh. Despite its pumping pistons, flapping holly leaf wings, and of course the familiar sounds of gas production, it was no match for Rudolph & his reindeer friends. Although it never quite gets off the ground The Flatulator is guaranteed to entertain and amuse as it trundles merrily along.

Traditional Victorian chimney sweep...

...with a difference.

Brighten up your Victorian themed Christmas event with this 8ft tall cheeky chappy Northern sweep.


All other shows and walkabout characters are still available throughout the festive season.


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