The Lostronaut.

Los'tronaut, n. like astronaut, but lost


Introducing Rochdale's first space traveller... Major Mal Function.

Can you help with directions as this intrepid spaceman taxis along the streets on his electrically propelled space shuttle in search of mission control?

This is a highly interactive mobile performance suitable for any planet with a relatively flat surface and an atmosphere of fun.

"This promenade performance is based on an adapted electric vehicle, which can cover quite a large area if required - it works both as a surreal image glimpsed from a distance and as comic interaction." *

Other walkabout characters are available, some stilt, some not. For more information, or to commission a themed character, click on the e-mail link below.


Freephone* 0800 032 60 28

Mobile 07889 680787

Or via 

Fool's Paradise


HOME       "Ground control to Major Tom......"


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