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Other Groups we work with include:

Anybody and Everybody

Youth groups young offenders

PAYP positive action for young people

PRU pupil referral unit


Weston Spirit

Prince's Youth Trust

Duke of Edinburgh Award

Arts Award

Psychiatric hospitals

Groups of people with special needs

Home educators / learners

Theatres - Barnum. I helped teach Paul Nicholas to walk the tightrope for his lead role in Barnum.

Local amateur dramatic societies

Woodcraft Folk

New Company Skills - giving your group a wider skill base.

Scouts, Guides, Cubs, Brownies, Explorers, Beavers, Rainbows

   Scouts - circus skills badge     

      Circus Skills for Scouts

Complete the requirements below:

  1. Select one skill from any two of the five alternatives below. Under experienced guidance, show by continuing effort some achievement in the two selected skills. Demonstrate the two selected skills before an audience.
    1. Aerial: Trapeze, Roman Rings, Aerial Ladder, Aerial Rope, Wire Walking or related skills.
    2. Balance: Trick-cycling, Stilts, Ladder, Tightrope, Wire Walking, Perch, Roller Bolo, Slack-rope.
    3. Manipulative: Plate Spinning, Cigar Boxes, Club Swinging, Devil Sticks, Diablo Sticks, Juggling.
    4. Ground: Handstands, Tumbling, Acrobatics.
    5. Clowning: Including make-up and costume.
  2. Find out about aspects of circus life, and discuss these with an adult.
  3. Observe at least two circus or street performers events and discuss these.

Guides & Brownies- circus performers badge

Circus Skills for Guides

1. Take part in at least one juggling or circus skills workshop.

2. Learn three further circus skills from the list below. Demonstrate each of your skills to your Patrol. Tell them how you learned the skills and how long it took you to get them right.

• acrobatics
• balloon modelling
• contact juggling
• cigar boxes
• club swinging with two clubs
• diabolo
• devilstick
• juggling with three or more items (scarves, rings, balls, clubs)
• lasso
• plate spinning
• stilt walking
• tumbling
• unicycling
• yo-yo

3. Do three of the following:
• Make a set of juggling balls.
• Demonstrate a circus skill to an audience of more than ten people.
• Teach three people one of your circus skills.
• Devise a worksheet to demonstrate one of your skills.
• Find out some interesting facts about one of your skills, eg its origin, a world record, its history.
• Challenge yourself to perform a trick that you cannot yet do. Keep a record of your progress as you learn the trick.

Bring the circus to town – try Go For It! Show time with your Patrol.


We are based on the border of Lancashire & West Yorkshire but travel anywhere, nationwide and internationally.

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