Technical Requirements

Below are the technical requirements for staging a circus skills workshop in your school. In an ideal world all of these requirements would be met, but this isn't an ideal world so don't be put off if you don't think you can meet them all. Please contact me to discuss any problems you might have.

ACCESS: Good clear access to within 100metres of the workshop space for one vehicle, 7.5 ft wide X 11.5 ft high ( 2.25m X 3.5m ) 3.5 tonne g.v.w is necessary. If the van cannot remain here throughout the day secure parking is required.

SPACE: A hall or gym is usually ideal, otherwise a space of 30ft X 30ft (9m X 9m) with a ceiling height no lower than 15ft (4.5m).

GET IN: Access to the workshop space is needed 30 minutes before first session.

NUMBERS: Circus Fudge works with class-sized groups in schools. Where participants may need more one-to-one tuition the group size will need to be reduced.

SAFETY: Circus Fudge and the participant group require exclusive use of the room or space being used for the workshop. Observers are only allowed with prior agreement and children are never allowed to observe because they cannot resist trying to join in. Circus Fudge cannot be responsible for the supervision of participants during lunch or any other breaks.

HELPERS: Teachers and other workers are welcome and useful during workshops and can also learn alongside participants, however, their role must primarily be to help and not just join in or numbers become too high. 1-3 helpers is usually sufficient.

CLOTHING: Ensure that participants know in advance to bring loose fitting/stretchy clothing with legs covered. Trainers or pumps are the best footwear; bare feet should be avoided and definitely no high heels.

ACCOMMODATION: B+B for two people may be required.

FINALLY: If you need any more information to help you meet these requirements please contact Circus Fudge.


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