"Captain Clueless"

Technical Requirements.


Below are the technical requirements for "Captain Clueless". In an ideal world all of these requirements would be met, but this isn't an ideal world so don't be put off if you don't think you can meet them all. Please contact me to discuss any problems you might have.

TIMINGS: This walkabout performance is performed for up to two and a half hours in one day split up into two or three parts. This can be combined with a performance of "In a Spin".

PERFORMANCE AREA: Ground level access to all areas of the event site is required.

ACCESS: Good clear access to within 100metres of the site for one vehicle, 7.5 ft wide X 11.5 ft high ( 2.25m X 3.5m ) 3.5 tonne g.v.w is necessary. If the van cannot remain here throughout the day secure parking is required.

CHANGING: If the van is within 100 metres of the performance site and not in direct view of the audience no changing facilities are needed. Otherwise a ground level room for changing and prop storage is needed, as is access to toilet and washing facilities.

GET IN: Access to the event site is needed one hour before first performance.

POWER: If the event is two days or longer a 13A-240V supply is required to recharge batteries.

SAFETY: A steward may be required during performances.

ACCOMMODATION: For convenience and security on site accommodation in the fully equipped Circus Fudge "tour van" is preferable. B+B for two people may be required if this is not possible.

SECURITY: In some cases overnight security may be required.

PUBLICITY: It is the responsibility of the booker to adequately publicise all performances and events.

INSURANCE: Circus Fudge has public liability insurance but please note that it is advisable for bookers to check that their insurance covers adverse meteorological conditions. Also, that Public Performance, and any other necessary licences are obtained as required.

FINALLY: Please do not hesitate to contact Circus Fudge if you require further information or details to meet these requirements.


E-mail meEmail Circus Fudge

Freephone* 0800 0326028

Mobile 07889 680787



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