Technical Requirements.


Below are the technical requirements for "Blunderfudge". In an ideal world all of these requirements would be met, but this isn't an ideal world so don't be put off if you don't think you can meet them all. Please contact me to discuss any problems you might have.

TIMINGS: The show lasts for upto 45 minutes and can be performed twice in one day. A minimum of one hour is required between shows.

PERFORMANCE AREA: The set requires an area of 30ft X 30ft (9m X 9m) of flat and level ground. Approximately 30ft (9m) of height clearance is needed for the show so no overhead cables, trees or other obstructions.

Click on site plan below for a higher resolution, printable version.

click for higher resolution, printable site plan


ACCESS: Good clear access onto site for one vehicle, 7.5 ft wide X 11.5 ft high ( 2.25m X 3.5m ) 3.5 tonne g.v.w plus trailer is necessary, as is access to toilet and washing facilities.

GET IN: Two and a half hours are needed to get in, please check with Circus Fudge to see if this needs to be done the day before.

POWER: Hopefully by the 2001 season this show will be self powered, until then a 13A-240V single phase supply is required with either a domestic or "ceeform" style socket at "x" on site plan. If power is supplied by a generator, single phase 1.5 kVa is sufficient. Please check that the supply is properly earthed and that a named, competent, person is available to connect, test and disconnect the supply.

SAFETY: Public safety requires a barrier/safety fence around the performance area which must be in place throughout the get in, show and get out.(See site plan.) Circus Fudge can provide a rope and pin style fence for grassed sites, otherwise, barriers must be supplied by the booker. At least one steward must be available during the performances.

GET OUT: De-rigging takes one and a half hours. Please ensure power and safety barriers are still in place during this time.

ACCOMMODATION: For convenience and security on site accommodation in the fully equipped Circus Fudge "tour van" is preferable. B+B for two people may be required if this is not possible.

SECURITY: In some cases overnight security may be required. If very large audiences or overcrowding is likely stewards must be provided during performances.

PUBLICITY: It is the responsibility of the booker to adequately publicise all performances and events.

INSURANCE: Circus Fudge has public liability insurance but please note that it is advisable for bookers to check that their insurance covers adverse meteorological conditions. Also, that Public Performance, and any other necessary licences are obtained as required.

SPECIAL EFFECTS: Bookers are advised that this show contains pyrotechnics and fire manipulation.

FINALLY: Please do not hesitate to contact Circus Fudge if you require further information or details to meet these requirements.

E-mail meEmail Circus Fudge

Freephone* 0800 0326028

Mobile 07889 680787



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